The Psychology of Leading Change: Becoming Guides for Sustainability

Join us for an exclusive 2-day Masterclass to discover both the creativity and resilience needed to act and become guides for change.

In “Becoming Guides for Change”, Dr. Renée Lertzman, TED speaker, psychologist and engagement strategist will provide us with tangible tools and skills – grounded in best practices and evidence-based psychology.

Renée brings her decades of experience partnering with clients and leaders across all sectors and global regions, to highlight key concepts and capabilities that will support with your most complex challenges addressing our global sustainability, climate, and ESG work. 

This is a moment of existential change for our planet and our communities. 

For decades we have been encouraged to think about environmental, sustainability, and ESG work through the lens of “solutions” and “motivating people” to act. 

Instead, psychological research shows us that it’s quite the opposite: To navigate this moment successfully, we must learn to “guide” change, rather than “drive” it. 

We must become Guides for change, to evoke and inspire transformation at scale. 

- Renée Lertzman

The Masterclass Experience

This Masterclass is designed for leaders and practitioners in all sectors who are committed to integrating IDGs in complex institutional contexts. It will focus on active learning and practice, and your complex leadership challenges are at the heart of the experience. 

You will be given the opportunity to share your specific challenges with colleagues and apply the tools and methodologies provided by Project InsideOut’s groundbreaking resources. 

You will be guided through foundational concepts grounded in Guiding Principles and interrogate your own Theories of Change. We will unpack the central role of anxiety, ambivalence, and aspirations (the Three A’s) play in how we engage diverse communities and stakeholders, work together more effectively, and collaborate more efficiently. 

  • Understand your own approach to change, and learn how and when to incorporate educating, cheerleading, righting, and guiding approaches when guiding transformation and designing change campaigns. 

  • Understand and know how to apply the Guiding Principles of Attune; Reveal; Convene; Equip; and Sustain to your leadership complex challenges and change work.

  • Apply the Becoming Guides toolkit to ongoing campaigns, specifically using the Theory of Change Quadrant.

Learning Outcomes

Renée Lertzman Ph.D. is a psychological strategist and advisor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with leaders and organizations who seek to scale impactful engagement across stakeholders, consumers, and employees on ESG, climate, and ecology. Her speciality is helping high-impact teams and leaders evolve from cheerleaders and educators to ‘guides” drawing on decades of experience and psychological training.

Clients include Google, VMware, Unity, and numerous start-ups and philanthropic organizations.

She has a MA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Cardiff University. She is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer at institutions around the world and has been featured at Stanford University, Yale University, Columbia University, Oxford University, Climate-KIC, TED, and numerous industry and public events.

She has published Environmental Melancholia (Routledge 2015) and is currently working on a trade publication about applying the psychology of climate and ecological threats to our business and personal practices.


Wednesday, September 6, 15:00 - 19:00 CEST

Thursday, September 7, 15:00 - 19:00 CEST

Digital Experience

The Digital training will be broadcasted live with online facilitation.

Inclusivity Pricing

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Practical Information

About the IDGs

The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a not for profit and open source initiative.

The Inner Development Goals framework describes the collective inner skills we need to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Whether you work in business, policy, finance, tech, education, advocacy, development, or philanthropy, this 2-day immersion will provide you with tools and knowledge you can use for guiding change, particularly when it comes to stakeholder engagement, fostering the integration of sustainability, climate, and ESG in the core business, and attuning to communities and populations at scale. 

Join the Masterclass


The Masterclass will be a live digital experience over 2 days. 

For the first time, we are offering an IDG Masterclass as a digital experience so you can join from anywhere and interact with online participants from around the world. The recordings will be available for a year for ticket holders.

  • Develop effective leadership skills that enable us to “guide,” rather than “drive,” transformation – even around the most urgent and unprecedented issues of our time.

  • Reflect and consider how you can bring in the IDG framework into your context in a highly applied way, drawing on the tools provided.

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